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The Ohio Undead Society crew would like to say thanks for visiting our page. We hold ourselves to high standards and value every client we speak with. We investigate private homes and high profile locations. Our mission is to investigate and research the paranormal.

The Investigator's

Matt Schaub

Matt is the Founder of the Ohio Undead Society and is the Lead Investigator. Through his lifetime he had a few events that he couldn't explain and wanted answers to. Matt has a more agressive approach to investigating than some other people but his approach has proven results and great evidence. 



Aaron Ansel

Aaron has been with Matt since day one he has learned alot through his research and investigations. Aaron is one of our camera operator's and helps when it comes to reviewing evidence.

Cord Seitzinger



Cord has been a key part to the team since his addition. Cord is a great investigator and has learned alot through his time with the team. Cord always finds a way to bring the spirits out for great evidence.

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